Legacy of Care Award


We are excited to share the news that Wellington Place won the Legacy to Care Award thru Healthcare of Iowa.  Winning the Legacy to Care Award will allow our facility to purchase media equipment that would give the tenants an opportunity to record a 30-minute interview style videography.  This keepsake, in the form of a flash drive presented to the tenant, would be passed on within their family and help to preserve the legacy of their life for generations to come. The stories they behold of family, service, work and trials/tribulations of the lives they’ve had will be gone with the wind unless we can be given the chance to capture this snapshot of memories and preserve their family legacy. These videography’s would allow us to change the way we get to know our tenants.  The more we know and understand about their history/past, the better we will be able to care for them. The media equipment will benefit the residents by allowing us to expand on music therapy options, picture taking and sharing as well as Facetime/Skype which would allow tenants/residents to connect and interact with family from a distance. Local Northeast Iowa Community College and Luther College students in visual media courses of study have been approached and are willing to come in and volunteer their time to record and edit the videography’s. This project will provide staff with the opportunity to be engaged in the lives of our tenants, which will allow them to provide excellent nursing care. Historically it has been the tradition to leave property or possessions to your loved ones when they pass on but what would resonate more with your family is leaving behind a snapshot of your life spoken by you, a true recollection of the life you had in the world you remember.  Our goal with this project is to capture and preserve the family legacies and family stories of our tenants and allow them to share it with their families for generations to come. Stay turned for more information regarding this award.