First of all, we really miss our family and volunteers!!! Our activity program has really changed with following the covid precautions and not having our family and volunteers. We are still providing church services, games, exercise class, bingo, music, reading the paper, craft time, brain games, cuticle club, book club, trivia and stories with Pastor Hanson. We have added a lot of gardening and time in the courtyard, a weekly hospitality cart, music at mealtimes, a weekly newsletter, ice cream treats and other food treats delivered to the rooms and a lot of daily one on ones.

Walks in the courtyard admiring the flowers and eating chocolate has helped us all thru these difficult days! One day recently we made smores and delivered to everyone’s room. A resident stated, “Why can’t we have these every day they are so good.”  They were a sticky gooey chocolate mess but so good! It was awesome to see all of the smiles and laughter a simple treat like smores bought to them.

We look forward to seeing what our new normal will be. We will continue to try our best to provide smiles, laughter, friendship and education to our residents.

I encourage you to continue to call and send letters to your loved ones. It means so much to them. Also, if you would like to skype, zoom or face time with them give us a call to set it up.

Stay safe until we see each other again,

Lynn Monroe, Recreation Program Director