Administrators Desk

An intense focus on quality is something that Wellington Place and Assisted Living strive for on a day to day basis. The one thing that we do understand is that no matter what else in our industry changes, we will always have the highest quality of our tenants and resident’s well-being as the major goal. Quality isn’t something that can be achieved, marked on a permanent scoreboard, and set aside. The quality not only has to be a good now; we will have to be on a journey of continuous improvement.  Wellington Place is now and will always be on that continuous journey. I am very proud of the Wellington staff that strives each day to provide that quality.

We are currently in the process of completing a state of the art 12 unit Assisted Living Memory Care. This addition will allow us to provide a model of care that will improve the lives for residents needing dementia care. This specialized unit is expected to be completed by 12-1-2020.

Scott Marnin, Administrator