Assisted Living News


The holidays are over, and we now start a new year. Hope all had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying the new year! I wanted to take this time to thank all of you that donated to our toy drive for Helping Services for Youth and Families. We received a thank you letter thanking us for donating about $600 dollars’ worth of toys for those in need. They said many of their clients greatly benefited from our generosity. What a great way to start a new year!

We have some fun ideas to add to our program this year. We will be featuring a “Movie star of the Month’’ and a ‘’Singing star of the Month’’. We will learn about each person’s life and reminisce about what our tenants remember about them. We started with Dolly Pardon and everyone loved it. We will next learn about Cary Grant.

We are also going to feature a ‘’Business of the Month’’. This month we feature Bob with Spring Grove Pop and next month we will learn about Impact Coffee.

We have decided to do a Birthday Bash each month for all the tenants that have birthdays that month. We will have music and cake and ice cream the first Friday of the month to celebrate the birthday tenants. We would love for you to join us if your loved one is celebrating that month.

Chef Shelly will be doing a cooking demonstration every other month for us. She has already made some awesome goodies for us and we can’t wait for more.

We will also include our World Travel Club, Larry Reis, Devotions with Roland Waterman, This is my life, Show and Tell, Baking Club and of course lots of music and bingo!


Kelly Nordschow

Assisted Living