Rose Ann was born May 14, 1937 to Alois and Grace Tekippe in Fort Atkinson. She was the  youngest and joined three brothers and one sister. She attended school at St. John’s for eight years  and one year of high school in Fort Atkinson.  She was then needed at home, so she had to quit school.  She later went back and got her GED.  When asked how she met her husband, Rose Ann smiled and said, “I knew him my whole life.”   Raymond Nienhaus was a friend of her brothers  and his mom and Rose Ann’s mom were friends as well. Raymond and Rose Ann were married in 1956 and lived in Fort Atkinson. Raymond          worked at the lumber yard and then later ran it.  

Raymond and Rose Ann had four children:Theresa, Nancy, David and Susan. When the family was raised, Rose Ann worked as the bookkeeper at the lumberyard. She also worked as a clerk in the drugstore in Calmar.  The Nienhaus family enjoyed camping and traveled to every state in the United States. When asked what her favorite state was, Rose Ann replied “It’s always great to come home.”

Raymond passed away in January 2018 and shortly afterwards Rose Ann moved to Wellington Place. Rose Ann likes to keep busy and enjoys doing word searches, reading, embroidery and playing games.

Congratulations Rose Ann on being resident of the month and we are glad you are part of the  Wellington family.