Dorothy Marhoul                                                     

Dorothy Marhoul July resident of the month

Dorothy Marhoul was born at her parents’ home in Cresco, Iowa on April 20th, 1928. Her parents were Rose and Clem Hyke, both of the Cresco area. Like many people during that time, she grew up on a farm and was instilled with the values of hard work and resiliency from a young age due to her long hours working on the farm. Unlike many people, she enjoyed her time in a rural school! She enjoyed every class, but reading was her all-time favorite, and that is something she still enjoys today. Her school was very close to their house, so she didn’t have to worry too much about long treks during the winter. However, her one room schoolhouse was still very cold in the mornings- at least until the stove that they used to heat the room got going! She attended school through the 8th grade, at which point she moved back to help her parents on the farm.

She met her future husband at a dance one night. The story she told me is that Dorothy was dancing with her friend when she accidentally pushed her into Clarence, the man that Dorothy would later marry! The two ended up dancing the night away and were married in 1948.

They raised three daughters; Eileen, Patricia and Debra on the family farm. Dorothy stated she loved to garden and always did a lot of canning. She also worked at several local cafes and cleaned homes. Dorothy stated she is 90 years old and doesn’t know where the time went and how she got to be this old! She wanted to emphasize how much she enjoys living at Wellington Place, and how every single person treats her with immense respect and kindness. Congratulations Dorothy on being July resident of the month and everyone enjoys your smile and positive attitude!