Carroll Inglett June resident of the month

Carroll Inglett was born on the family farm near Hesper, Iowa on January 23rd, 1942 to Erwin and Francis Inglett. Like most people that grew up during that time, he attended a country school through 9th grade and then returned to work on the family farm. While he was growing up, he told me they raised a little bit of everything, including horses, one of his favorite animals. He said that if you get a good horse, you can go anywhere! Additionally, he grew crops, and he loves his tractors. The first tractor he ever drove alone was a John Deere that his father had taught him how to use. To this day, he still drives tractors in Mabel's Steam Engine Days parade. This year will mark the 18th year straight he has participated! While he grew up, he also participated in 4-H and other agriculture clubs around the area and helped his neighbors with their own farm work. 

After he got out of school, he also worked a little bit with his dad’s construction company, although most of his time was centered on the family farm. One memory he has from his youth was watching a stampede of cows at a 4-H gathering. He learned how to be calm and cool when he was around animals from this event, and he told me about how many of the lessons he learned being around animals can apply to everyday life. You have to be careful, calm and cool because the animals can sense your emotion!

On a more serious note, he talked about how important farmers are in the world, and that many kids today don’t know how their food gets on the table. He wishes that there would be more of a return to children being outdoors and learning about their environment, but he understands how important technology is.

One final piece of information I learned after I interviewed him was that he thinks red tractors are better for some reason. I’m here to say that green tractors are the best!!  Got ya Carroll!!!!!

Written by Ian Smith, volunteer