In February we did a lot of celebrating. We celebrated Ground Hog Day, had our own Winter Olympics and Valentine’s Day party with crowning of King Dan and Queen Ethie. Everyone loves the get treats! We enjoyed lemon filled donuts, cherry pies, chocolate kisses, homemade bread, hot chocolate, along with potato chip tasting. Thank you to the family of Genevieve Bentley for the concert by Curt and Linda Gjere in memory of Genevieve. She loved her music and was especially proud of being a member of the “Ding-A-Lings.” Our Bell choir, the Ding-A-Lings, began practicing for their Easter concert this month also.

In March, we will be celebrating Mardi Gras on March 1 and St. Patty’s Day on March 17. On March 16th we will be learning sign language. Our Arm Chair Travels will take us to New Orleans. Follow us on Facebook and see all the fun we have!