Maxine Morch May Resident of the month

  Maxine Morch was born on April 24th, 1922 on a farm near Luana, Iowa to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Doering. She had six siblings. She told me about how her life was somewhat simple, growing up on a farm, but she still managed to have fun! She attended the Luana school, which was a 12-room building made out of bricks, and was one of the best schools in the area in her time! Most children went to one room schools, and she was happy she got to experience something else!

Maxine enjoyed spending time with her friends and being outside! One of her favorite pastimes was riding her horses on the trails during the summer and spending the rest of the time fishing. She enjoyed every aspect of school, although she only attended through 8th grade (which was not uncommon back then). After she finished, she went back to work for her family on the farm. 

She worked on the farm for a while, until she married Leo Morch in 1944. They moved to a farm two miles north of Postville and  raised their children: Marcine, Beverly and Patricia.  They vacationed to many different places. A few places she told me about was Arizona and Wichita, Kansas. She finished up the interview by expressing her love for animals of every kind, and by mentioning that it was her birthday this week! Make sure to wish our resident of the month Maxine Morch a very Happy birthday!

Written by volunteer, Ian Smith