In astrology, those born May 1–20 are Bulls of Taurus. Bulls are stable, reliable, patient, and determined. They will work hard and finish the job no matter what gets in their way, but they expect to be rewarded! Those born May 21–31 are Gemini’s Twins. Twins seem to have two personalities and can blend into any situation. They have an energetic and fun-loving side
that is the life of the party but also a deep and emotional side that needs love and nurturing.


 Rose- May 14

Doris – May 17

Lorraine – May 21

Margrete – May 28


Lexie- May 11

Jordan- May 12

Cheryl- May 14

Tammy – May 15

Emily – May 15

Cross- May 18

Rachel May 25

Carla- May 25

Courtney- May 28

Diane- May 28