Another month has passed us by and now hopefully we can enjoy some wonderful spring time weather.

April was busy with music, bingo, and lots of card playing and plenty of fresh hot popcorn.

I assume a lot of you have heard about three wishes for Ruby’s Residents. Ruby is an 11-year-old that came up with the idea to grant wishes for the tenants/residents at the nursing home her mother works for. She asks the folks if they could have three wishes what they would be. Then she does her best to grant those wishes. She’s granted everything from a cell phone to McDonalds French fries to Cheetos and even shoes just to name a few.

We are so lucky to have our own wish granters here at Wellington. We call them The Cross Roads wish team. They come in once a week and ask different tenants what they wish for and soon come back with the gifts. It has been a huge success and I thank the Cross Roads kids for all they have done for our folks. The kids also come and play bingo with us every Monday!

Our next monthly breakfast is May 31st. from 8:00 to 10:00. Hope you can join us.

Kelly Nordschow, Assisted Living Recreation Program Director