Assisted Living

March has been a bundle of every kind of weather you can think of. We are so happy to welcome Spring and can’t wait to get out to enjoy our patio once again. In the meantime, we were busy this month planting some flowers seeds in hopes to put them out on our patio to enjoy them. They are looking good so far. We also enjoyed music with Curt and Linda, Arland Folstad and Tom Baker. We celebrated potato chip day by learning about the potato and had a potato chip tasting contest. Our winner was Sour Cream and Onion. We made wonderful smelling sachets to fill our drawers and closets with some fresh smells of spring. We also learned two new card games that the folks really like.

April brings us April Fool’s Day, Easter, Earth Day, Arbor Day and April showers. We look forward to celebrating all of these special days.

Kelly, Assisted Living