Dorothy Weiand April resident of the month

Dorothy was born February 14, 1931 to Otto and Alice Kubitz. She was one of 4 children. They lived in the Winnebago Valley in Minnesota close to New Albin. She walked 1½ miles to county school in Minnesota. Dorothy remembers seeing Indians and their tepees as she walked to school. When it came time for Dorothy to be in High School she lived with her paternal grandparents in New Albin and went to High School there. Dorothy remembers she rarely missed any school and sometimes her dad took her to school in the sleigh. She remembers her younger years as being hard due to the depression.

Tom Weiand was in the Navy. He was raised in Bismark, North Dakota. When he got out of the Navy in 1945 he began working construction around New Albin area and he met Dorothy. In the fall he went back to North Dakota for his work. In the spring, he came back to New Albin and told Dorothy,” I’m not leaving without you.” They were married in 1947 and moved to Bismark, North Dakota. Two of their children; Jerry and Cindy were born in North Dakota. In 1954 they moved to Highlandville due to Tom’s work. Pete and Tim were born while they lived in Highlandville. They lived in Highlandville for a few years and then moved to a small farm on the edge of Calmar. They later moved to town. Dorothy still has the house in Calmar where one of their sons reside. Dorothy worked as the first Public Home Health aide and then as a CNA at the Ossian Hospice and at Wellington Place as a CNA on the RCF side for 11 years. She has two granddaughters and two great-grandchildren. Dorothy stated her hobbies over the years have been working and going to the boat.


Congratulations Dorothy on being April resident of the month. We are proud you are part of the Wellington family!