Greetings from the Activity Department!

As I write this newsletter the weather has been perfect for getting the residents outside in the courtyard. We all know Iowa weather and soon this perfect weather will change and be too cold for outside concerts, programs, and rides in the courtyard. Don't worry, we have plans and ideas for new ways to keep the residents engaged and active this late fall and winter with Covid restrictions in place. Keep following us on Facebook to see what we are doing! We love seeing the many comments from families and friends.

This past month, on September 23rd we had our second “Parade around Wellington.” It was awesome to see all the people who came and showed support for our residents and staff. In October we will be celebrating Halloween with costumes, games, food and fun. We will be having a soup tasting party during the end of October. One of the new activities we have started this summer on Thursday afternoon is a food treat being offered to everyone. We have enjoyed ice cream sundaes, banana splits, caramel apples, smores, popcorn, ice cream bars and root beer floats. For the fall we will be having apple cider, cookies, pumpkin treats, and apples with dip for everyone to enjoy.

Lastly, I would like to thank Diane Borowski and Debra Moeller’s for their donations in memory of Dorothy Weiand. Thank you for the many in-kind gifts we have received. All your gifts are very important to us. I apologize if I have missed anyone. Our sympathy and prayers to the family of Dorothy Weiand, Curtis Reiso, and Ardith Triska. We are grateful for the privilege of knowing them.

Stay safe and take care,

Lynn Monroe, Recreation Program Director