In order to facilitate outside or inside visits facilities must use the COVID 19 county positivity rate found on the COVID 19 Nursing Home Data website as additional information to determine how to facilitate indoor visits. If the county is below 5% which is considered low, visitation should occur according to the core principles of COVID 19 infection prevention and facility policies. If county rates are between 5% - 10% which is considered medium visitations could occur but with additional restrictions. If the county rates are above 10% then indoor visitation could occur only in certain compassionate care situations with COVID 19 infection prevention and facility policies in place.

Wellington Place takes a person-centered approach and adheres to the core principles of COVID 19 infection prevention. Therefore, outdoor visits pose a lower risk of transmission due to increased space and airflow. However, as the weather changes, we are looking for ways to accommodate appropriate indoor visits per CDC guidelines and facility policies. As you can tell this situation remains fluid and we must monitor factors to understand the level of risk such as our county percentage rates in order to determine what is the safest way forward for providing indoor visits. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these most challenging times.

Scott Marnin,CEO/Administrator