Providing exceptional service and Kind, Compassionate care to the residents of Wellington Place is the major focus each and every day. This also includes cosmetology services that our residents receive here at Wellington Place. If you are not aware, our hair dresser, Alicia Hirth will be going on maternity leave soon. Although we are excited about her new arrival, Alicia will be leaving her position as our hairdresser. This will allow her more time to focus on family. Therefore, please join me in welcoming Sandy Havel as our new cosmetologist. Sandy and her husband Matthew live in Ossian where she also operates a salon from her home. In addition, we are trying to minimize the number of personal accounts that we manage for haircare. Therefore, we will be asking Sandy to provide some of her own billing services for residents that have responsible parties that take care of their business issues. As always if you have any questions or concerns please stop in or give me a call.        Scott Marnin, Administrator