We were privileged to have John Kuntz, a Luther music major have his J term internship with us. He provided a lot of one on one music therapy, piano concerts, sing a longs, worked with our bell choir and visited and played his keyboard for  a lot of residents. He also provided three concerts for the Assisted Living tenants. It was great to have him here and see how the residents responded to music. 

In February we will be having a Super Bowl party at 4:00 on Sunday the 4th. Baking with LaVon will be making something delicious with cherries on February 6 at 10:15. We will have a concert with Plus One on Sunday February 10 at 1:00. On Valentine’s Day at 3:00 we will be having a party with crowning of our Valentine King and Queen. On Presidents day we will be having a special Quilts of Valor program at 10:30 with the public invited to attend.  On Tuesday February 19 at 3:00 we will be having a program entitled Which First Lady am I? Also, on that day the Mennonite Choir from West Union will be here to sing for us at 6:00. Larry Reis will be here presenting his monthly program and this month he will be talking about, Wild flowers and their seed forms on February 26 at 10:00.

We have been watching live video cams of animals all over the world on the TV and computer in the activity room. Some of the favorite animals are seals, sheep, dogs, cats, bears and pandas. They are very interesting to watch and we are learning more about these animals. We are looking forward to watching the Decorah eagle cam as well.

Just a reminder if you would like to reserve our kitchenette, activity room or chapel for an event please call and visit with Lynn or Christine in the activity department. These rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis and are a great way to have a private party or meal with your loved ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Lynn, Recreation Program Director