February Birthdays


In astrology, those born between February 1–19 are Water Bearers of Aquarius. Water Bearers are deep-thinking intellectuals, unafraid of exploring outlandish ideas. Their strong sense of community makes them good friends and valuable team members. Those born from February 19–28 are the slippery Fish of Pisces. Selfless Pisces are very wise and empathetic, making them always willing to help others. These deep emotions also make Pisces talented artists and good friends.


Residents: Arlene W. -February 5

Carolyn J.  – February 14

Dorothy W.- February 14

Dolores V.- February 16

Marion F.- February 18

Marjorie S.- February 21

Gloria W.- February 27

Staff: Deb B- February 3

Ed P.- February 6

Amy L.- February 17