Norice Youngblood

Norice was born April 8,1928 to Francis Harrison Youngblood and Emma Youngblood in Decorah. Norice has 4 brothers and 5 sisters. His parents moved to Freeport in 1935 into the house that Norice lived in until he came to Wellington. Norice’s oldest son lives in the house now. Norice went to Freeport Elementary until the spring of his eighth grade year when he had to quit school to help at home. He especially liked driving tractors on the farm. Norice joined the Army in 1948 and served in Korea in 1950 and 1951. He was in active Reserves from 1951-1956. 

Donna Mae Olson attended school at Freeport elementary and Norice stated with a twinkle in his eye she pursued him. She wanted to get married while Norice was in the service and he wanted to wait until he got out. They got married in December of 1956 when he got out of the service.

When Norice returned from the service he worked at the courthouse as a land surveyor. He held this job for 37 years. When Norice was at his home in Freeport he had a fish fry every Friday night. He still loves to tell fishing stories!

Norice loves to be outside and enjoys fishing, hunting and trapping. He can see his house from his room at Wellington Place and still likes to keep an eye on his home.

Congratulations on being February resident of the month and we are glad you are part of the Wellington family!